Shen Wu was invited by China Associated School of Science

Shen Wu was invited by China Associated School of Science to attend the 1st appearance ( Music of Life ) and to give lecture on the subjects ofCultivating Therapeutic Music and Mathematics on 21 st of June 2006.

There were no vacant seats anywhere at the auditorium that day. Professor Shen Wu presented a gift of his new edition volume I & II  Music of Life ( contains over six hundred thousand characters ) to the representative of China Associated School of Science. The book illustrated with pictures, the wisdom and knowledge of ancient chinese history on the art of music, it's power of healing and maintaining health.

Huang Shiu Yung, the organizer who warmly introduced Professor Shen Wu. Who has been well established in the US in promoting, and teaching Chinese culture on the art of music and medicine, and it's been validated scientifically.

Professor Shen Wu's great contribution of not just retaining the Chinese medical culture in music, he also is the creator of Chinese Musical Therapy ( Music Before Medicine ), to improve health, prevention of diseases, and promoting harmony in the societies.  Professor Shen Wu's lecture touched every attendants, it further explained the science of life, the theory of the healing power of " Fu Zhe Shi's music " was left behind by the ancients.

Professor Shen Wu utilized different types of musical instruments to demonstrate the 5 pentatonic notes correspond to the 5 major organs, through this therapeutic sound wave to influence internal function, and the science.

Professor Shen Wu played beautiful music with bamboo flutes. It's resonance of the musical sound wave was cast to the audience with enthusiasm.

The representative of China Associated School of Science presented a certificate of their gratitude to Professor Shen Wu at the end of lecture

people lined up for an autograph of Professor Shen Wu, author of new edition " Music of Life " volume I and II at the auditorium when the lecture was ended.

Pictures of the Professor receiving the certificate of appreciation and the other relevant representatives.      P.O. Box 25952  Honolulu, HI 96825   USA