Professor Shen Wu presented a gift of his new edition

Music of Life volume I & II ( contains over six hundred thousand words ) to University of Hawaii

   University of Hawaii ( right 2 ) and John A. Burns School of Medicine ( left 2 ) Library of Hawaii ( right 1 ) Chinese Cultural Study Center of  Hawaii.  The ceremony of collection was held at John A Burns School of Medicine, 2nd Fl

At the ceremony the Associate dean of John A Burns School of Medicine Rosanne C. Harrigan Ph.D., M.D. commented that Professor Shen Wu's extensive research, efforts and contributions had made " Music of Life " one of the best textbooks on naturopathy, biology, and other related academic fields

@The following pictures were taken at the ceremony


Rosanne C. Harrigan Ph.D., M.D

Yan Shen, Ph.,D.  M.D. , an authority figure in the heart disease field, in the United States. He was in charge of the president's medical team for Taiwan. He gave his highest regards in Music of Life which illustrated the knowledge and wisdom of the sages on exercising the healing power of  music to achieve the state of joy in the most profound and complete manner.