Getting into the deep δ wave to strengthen the energy wave in your body

    A report on the experiments conducted in the “Music before Medicine Seminar”

 It has been medically approved that Shen Wu’s Chinese therapeutic music has a healing power. Dr. Neil J. Finkler, M.D., a gynecologic oncologist of Walt Disney Memorial Institute, cooperated with Shen Wu to treat cancer patients, and a clinical report on the case has been produced. Also, Dr. Rosanne Carol Harrigan, the Associate Dean and Principal of the School of Medicine of Hawaii University, used Shen Wu's Chinese therapeutic music to treat those who are critically ill. She has proved that music is a reliable way to enhance the quality of life in the terminal cancer patients.

The unique power of Shen Wu’s Chinese therapeutic music has been medically as well as scientifically proved. In addition to the  clinical evidences just mentioned, Professor Rong-sen Zhang in National Central University in Taiwan also conducted experiments with optic and photonic devices, and it further proved that Dr. Shen Wu’s Chinese therapeutic music is able to function in the deep level of α and δ waves, causing the body and spirit to vibrate, and as a result, strengthening the energy wave in your body.

In July 2006, Wu was invited to Taiwan for a series of academic panel discussions and nonprofit performances of musical therapy. In the afternoon on July 15, the Music before Medicine Seminar, co-organized by International Medicine Study Association Music for Spirituality Association and Spiritlands, was held in GIS Convention Center. Hosted by Dr. Cui Jiu, the seminar called together medical specialists, musicians and experts in various fields to do an in-depth discussion on promoting therapeutic music. In the seminar, Dr. Shen Wu gave a brief account of his study and musical composition of Chinese therapeutic music; also, he shared the   case of working with Dr. Finkler in treating cancer patients. 

         Dr. Rong-sen Zhang followed Wu’s words by conducting experiments with optic and photonic devices. The results showed that the sound -wave vibration can cause a change in energy meridians, point positions and brainwaves. Zhang was extremely excited to see this precious experimental evidence of sound-wave therapy. Before that, Zhang had produced the image of energy meridians by projecting the contour line on the optical device, proving the existence of the seven meridian points in Chinese medicine. In addition to it, Zhang had also proved that, with the ears being insulated, the specific sound waves projected on the meridians on the wrist can cause the body to vibrate   correspondingly and produce a subsequent change in the corresponding inner organs. These experimental evidences totally agree with Wu’s  theory that the five sounds are in correspondence to the five organs. In other words, music has a direct influence on the inner organs not only through the ears but also through the sound-wave vibration.

           The Music before Medicine Seminar Prof. Zhang Rong-sen explains with experiments The device showed that brainwaves change in accordance to the sound vibration. The β wave was an indication of a person doing everyday activity. The α  wave and δ wave indicated that the person was in deep relaxation or in a state of meditation. Firstly, Zhang  hypnotized the subject to enter the α  and δ state, then he used the Chinese five-sound waves—Jue, Zhi, Gong, Shang, Yu—to show that each sound wave can concentrate on the subject’s δ level brainwave to produce certain effects: to strengthen the δ wave—the deepest  energy wave in our body. In the seminar, Prof. Zhang also experimented with Wu’s music, and he proved that Wu’s music can truly  strengthen the subject’s δ wave; that is, to stimulate the energy wave and produce positive vibrations. This kind of vibrations has healing power. 

            In order to gain better knowledge about brainwaves, we consulted Prof. Guo-zhen Chen, who has been studying geophysics, the medicine  of brainwave and its messages for years. 

      The β(>13 Hz) shows the ordinary waking state, a state of mind which can be sensed by the consciousness.  The α wave (8-13 Hz) refers to the moment you close your eyes and are ready for sleep, or the meditative state when your are awake with  eyes closed. In this state of mind, the brainwave vibrates with the earth’s ionospheric fundamental frequency. The frequency bridges the conscious with the sub-conscious.

            The θ wave (4-8 Hz) is the state when you a deep sleep. In this state of mind, the wavelength vibrating with the nature, which equals  to several times of the diameter of the earth, exceeds the ionosphere. The space for spiritual activity is accordingly widened. The person in this state acquires the “divine eyes”, allowing him to break the limit of time and space. 

     The δ wave (0.5-4 Hz) is a state of mind without the obstacles of time and space. In this state the space for spiritual activity is even more widened.

    The low-frequency sound wave which vibrates with the universe

       After the seminar, Prof. Wu conducted an in-depth test with Prof. Rong-sen Zhang. The results shows that Wu can enter the δ wave state at  will. More special is that when Wu speaks, his voice locates at the low frequency of 48 Hz. According to medical research, 48 Hz is a low  frequency which can kill the cancer cells. In other words, Wu’s voice itself has a healing energy. 

       Prof. Guo-zhen Chen pointed out that the voice frequency of ordinary people locates between 95-142 Hz for the male, and 272-558 Hz for  the female. However, under examination, Wu’s voice shows a low frequency of 48 Hz. It is unusual among human beings. Moreover,  the frequency has a unique quality; it belongs to an energy state in which you are brought into the realm of “unity of heaven and man.” In  his state of mind, you are able to activate another person’s momentum and direct the body into vibration. The voice in such low frequency can  not be heard with the human ears, but the body and cells all vibrate with it.   Prof. Guo-zhen Chen speculated that Wu’s voice could not be in such low frequency in his youth time. The fact that Wu’s voice reaches  such a low-frequency state must have something to do with his spiritual practice. 

       Prof. Guo-zhen Chen emphasized that the working of body, mind, and spirit can only be studied, proved, and quantified by people with  spiritual comprehension. Therefore, a person working with the body, mind, and spirit must always cultivate himself, dragging himself out of  the narrow departmental egoism, as well as widening his innerscape and exercising tolerance. It is the time for him to practice working on the  body, mind, and spirit when the individual islands gradually connect into a large continent, vibrating with the heaven and earth.  

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