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Mr. Shen Wu was taught "China's optimum medicine" by the nationally-distinguished Chinese medical doctor, Professor Yimin Gao who Certified by State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine of the People's Republic of China.  Mr. Shen Wu research and explore Imperial (Royal) Medicine, the culture of  "Chinese Musical Therapy --Huangdi's (Yellow Emporors) Classic of Internal Medicine Five-Elements Musical Therapy

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1, Who is Master Shen Wu


Welcome to the English version of the Music Qi Gong website.  Here you will find a brief introduction to the basics of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Qi, Qi Gong, Music Qi Gong, case studies of patients in the United States and research on these patients with western doctors, particularly oncologists.

   Qi Gong is an ancient Chinese martial art and healing art.  There are three types of Qi Gong, one of which is a martial art.  The other two are healing for self, which includes breathing and meditation, and healing for others, or Qi Gong Medicine.  

   Here we are focused on the healing arts.  You can find more detailed information on the pages listed below.  We hope that bringing this to you will improve your health and well being and will be shared with others to help their health and well being

Our Mission

To spread the techniques of ancient Chinese energy therapy throughout the world, so that future generations will be able to use this precious knowledge to enjoy good health, vigor, and longevity.

Are you open to ancient Chinese healing energy...?

  • Enhance Immune system and improve quality of life
  • Enjoy Pain free and stress free
  • Enlighten Your health and knowledge
  • Energize Your body, mind and soul
  • Experience The joy of learning ancient Chinese culture and knowledge of longevity

Are you satisfied with your health care?

Would you like to...?

  • Safely relieve the pain of chronic or terminal illness and prolong life?
  • Control your weight without strenuous exercise or dieting?
  • Relieve pain from physical injury?
  • Regenerate your vital energy and strengthen your immune system?
  • Study how the energy affects your health, business and home?
  • Use music and vital energy to prevent illness and maintain your health?
  • Remove negative spiritual energy and replace it with positive spiritual energy?
  • Reduce stress and improve your sex life?

Shen Wu  was born in the Chinese historic city of Shangqiu - the home of Lao Tzu, Chuang Tzu and other sages. He inherited the ancient Chinese cultural treasures as well as a great ambition to heal the sick with ancestral, traditional medicine.

His grandfather founded in the ancient city of Shangqiu the century-old drugstore called Tianyuan Tianshun. Ever since he was 6 years old, he delved into the study of Chinese medicine, martial arts and
qigong. He buried himself in a large number of historical documents that belonged to his parents generation. This includes many subjects such as philosophy, medicine, music, astronomy, calendar, feng shui, calligraphy, and painting.

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Music Heavenly Tone


Wal   ter lgawa. Silva MSI: Wu.Music Qi Gong Master. And Rosanne

Harrigan EdD.Aprn-Rx.FAAN

November 2007, Volume 66, No. 11,ISSN: 0017-859


On December 28, 2008, at the Third annual Chinese Medical and Pharmaceutical lndustry Development Forum,Officers of the forum as well as high level officials of the Central government of China (including those from the Ministry of Health), presented to Master Wu two certificates of Honor, which include:

Certificate of Honor  Master Shen WU, is honored to be aTop Ten Figures with Outstanding Contributions to the Development of The  Chinese Medical and Pharmaceutical industry in 30 years of reform and liberalization.

  Presented and (Sealed) by China lnternational Medical Foundation; and Chinese Association of Minority Health. Dated: December 2008

@Certificate of Honor  Master Shen WU, is honored to 2008 Top ten Most lnfluential Figures in the Chinese Medical @and Pharmaceutical lndustry.  

      Presented and]sealed^by China lnternational Medical FoundationFand Chinese Association of Minority Health.   Dated: December 2008


Getting into the deep _ wave to strengthen the energy wave in your body

(A report on the experiments conducted in the Music before Medicine Seminar)

About@Shen and The Song of Five TonesA

Contact Information


Wu Shen Introduction

Open University of Malaysia invited professor Shen Wu to in charge The Master and Phd Degrees studies in The School of Musical Therapy.Ӧȶ}jǭШ|hBӤhBդhҵ{导师`
 Guest Professor of State University of Hawaii at School of Alternative Medicine L¦i{ߤjǰ|ȮyбNDZMa
 Guest Professor  of the Cancer Experts  Research Center for Musical Therapy in State University Of Hawaii.L¦igsMaȮyб



 United States Institute of Energy Medicine Ǭs| б (DQdzN)

China Government recognized Herbal Doctor Mr. Kou Yik-Man conveyed  the Chinese Royal Medicine Culture (Yellow Emperor/ Huang Di Internal Sutra) to Professor Shen Wu. 



Committeeman of the Executive Editors Committee for the 1st edition of Chinese famous group of herbalist (The Chinese treasuries) which held by both of the Health Department and the Herbal Medicines Management Department of China. ѤåͳBaĺ޲zpX|쪺ꭺmꤧ_-jvnse|see

  Board member of the World Medical Research Foundation@ǬǬs|z

 Board Member of America Musical Therapy Association of Hawaii a|L¦iƷ|e

  The 1st place expert of the New York Emperor Medicine ManufactoryìҰķ~suMa

  The 1st place expert of the New York Emperor Medicine Manufactoryǰ֤ƾǪXW־i;Ǯa

  Vice Chairman of the Committee of the Famous Doctors of ChinaWzƷ|Ʋzƪ

  The Assistant  Executive Chairman of the Professional Musical Therapy Devices Association of ChinaǸ˳ƨ|M~e|`ȰƥD

   Honorable Chairman of Chinese Women Doctors Associationkv|WA|

  Chairman of the Eugenic & Pre-Natal Influence Professional Association


    Senior Advisor of The Chinese Traditional Culture Promotion Association

DzΤƫPi| U

  Vice Principal of College of Education at Chinese Culture & Art Center


  Guest Sociology Professor at University of Beijin, College of Foreign Language.

_ʥ~yjǭǪ|ǰ| Ȯyб

  Expert for maintaining good health for Seniors at musical nourishing Association of China


Guest Professor of The College of Chinese Medicine research at Liao Ning Province


  Senior Psychology Councilor of China aŤ߲zԸ߮v


 Speaker of Health Knowledge for all the peoples Health Day for the first Olympic Game in Peking held by 14 departments of the Chinese Government in the China Sport Head quarter.|`_ʥFPQ|ӳeyB|mdѤjnSuv

  Advisor for the Headquarter of Chinese Medicine of Thailand


  Honorable Chairman of the accupunchur Headquarter of Malaysia


   In 1997 Professor Shen Wus Musical Therapy methods was approved by scientific research and acknowledged by Cambridge University of England. He was recognized and awarded as the Worlds Most Outstanding Person.1997~dVбªkHǪһPdzNsGϥLan^Cjǥ@ɳǥXH~WH



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