Weight Loss with Music Qi Gong and Master Shen Wu

Western Medicine considers excess weight to be caused by overeating and lack of proper exercise. If you eat too much, eat the wrong foods or dont exercise enough you gain weight. The concept is if calories taken in exceeds calories expended you gain weight.

In reality each person who carries excess weight is different. With this in mind lets take a look 5 overweight people. One has no appetite and rarely eats. One is never satisfied and eats constantly. One only eats sweets, never fruits and vegetables. One is a vegetarian. One eats a balanced diet and exercises very hard for several hours a day. Yet they all still have a weight problem.

Obesity is a serious issue. In addition to what it can do to a persons self esteem, it can cause diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and heart disease.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the process of digestion and energizing the body is seen as much more complex than in Western Medicine. This process involves the extraction of Qi from the food and air we breath. Qi is every where around us and in every part of our body.

To put it simply excess weight is a problem with the cyclical flow of the Qi through the meridians (energy channels in the body) and the functional harmony of the internal organs. Every channel needs to be open and flowing and every organ needs to function in harmony with every other organ in your body.

The Qi extracted from foods rises as steam to the lungs and is mixed with Qi, which is acquired from the air we breath. This combined Qi is then circulated through your body by the aid of respiration. For this mixture of Qi to occur it is important to mention here that deep abdominal breathing is an important key to the functional harmony of our bodies. Many Americans are shallow breathers and only breath into the top portion of their lungs. Relax your abdomen as you breathe. This will allow you to breathe deeper into your body. If deep breathing makes you feel dizzy or light headed at first, practice taking long slow breaths at night as you are falling asleep.

Master Shen Wu can help you acquire pure Qi energy into your body with his Music Qi Gong program. This pure Qi will remove blocks from your channels, allowing the energy to flow, and balance your organs so that your body will release its excess weight.


The instructions for healing excess weight are simple:

  1. You will need the Music Qi Gong tapes or CDs. Listen to the music as much as possible. Listen to all 5 of the tapes or CDs. It is important to balance all of your organs and meridians. The music is essential to this process. The five musical notes correspond to the five organs and will resonate to heal any blockage you may have in your meridians or energy channels. Listen in your car, listen while at work. Listen when you are drifting off to sleep.

  2. Practice the Qi Gong exercises every day. It is best done in the morning, and can be continued through out the day as time allows. Imagine you are "feeding" your body with Qi as you do your exercises. Visualize that the new Qi entering your body is burning layer after layer of fat.

  3. When a stressful situation arises in your day, something that may trigger you to eat, take a few moments and do an exercise or two. If you are in a public situation where this may not be possible. Take a few deep abdominal breaths to help you relax. Do opposite breathing V as you inhale pull your abdominal muscles in, release your abdomen on the exhale.

  4. If possible when you do feel ready to eat, do an exercise to aid your body in fully utilizing the nutrient Qi you are about to eat. Listen to the music while eating and use the "nutrition of the music" as a substitution for food.

  5. Pure foods contain the purest Qi. Eat only when hungry. This is actually not as hard as it may sound. You can enjoy a variety of fruits and vegetables, juices and soups. You will get the best results by eating only fruits, vegetables and water. If you feel you need a little more you can add a moderate amount of soy milk. As your body becomes more in harmony you can add other foods and beverages as desired.

  6. The stomach functions best when moist. Drink plenty of water.

  7. If you need assistance with this process make an appointment with Master Shen Wu for a personal session. Check the website for class information, to purchase music or exercise videos.


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