@@The following are the list of Music Qigong CDs, Tapes , Video DVDs. For the best results,

@please read the Application Guide before submit your order. For the Music CDs, we

 @strongly recommend  Set A ( include 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 9 or 12), or Whole Set (All 13 CDs

 @and DVD).@@

@@The Five Tape Set is US$80.00. The Video DVD is US$50.00.  There are Thirteen

@(13) music CDs, One(1) Video DVD, and One(1) Five Tape Set ( alternate Qigong Music

@Set for healing).

@@Please add one(1) dollar shipping and handling fee for each CD or DVD, and add

@Five(5) Dollars shipping and handling for the Five Tape set, if your shipping address is in

@ the United States. International users please consult by phone or email for shipping

@and handling fees, Thanks.


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