Music Before Medicine

Music and Qigong (vital energy exercises) shared the spotlight as the two fundamentals of traditional Chinese medicine in ancient times.  Music was considered to be the most important and the foremost of the two; hence the character for "music" was created before and  placed above the character for "herb" to form the character for "medicine."  Yet Chinese musical treatment has been nonexistent for the last 3,000 yrs.   Why?  It was lost due to a series of unfortunate incidents in the history of China.  But Master Shen Wu re-discovered the therapeutic effects of music by studying the ancient texts.  He then combined the two powerful healing therapies of music and Qigong to form his Music Qi Gong Therapy.   Now music is restored to its rightful stature as a healing therapy.

         Shen Wu Music Qigong Therapy is unique.  Shen Wu's music carries Master Wu's energy.  The music used in his remarkable therapy is also composed according to the Five Notes Theory seen in the Chinese medicine classics, such as I-Ching and The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine.  The five notes correspond to the five major organ systems in Oriental Medicine.  There are also twelve principle tunes that loosen and smooth the twelve meridians (pathways for the flow of energy in the human body).  It is the combination of Master Wu's energy carried by the sound waves and the healing notes of the sound waves that create a powerful and unique therapeutic effect.

         The energy from the Master Wu's music can be combined with two other therapies to create an even more powerful therapeutic effect: Energy therapy and Qigong exercises. 

         Energy therapy is a powerful, natural, and effective way for people to gain energy and heal the body of disease.  Without touching the patient's body, Master Wu removes the negative qi  (energy) and replaces it with positive qi, thus correcting the imbalance and allowing the body to resume its natural state of good qi flow and good health. 

        Qigong exercises are gentle, simple exercises used to gain qi (energy) from the universe and thus to increase the body's qi.  Health, vigor, and longevity are associated with an abundance of qi circulating freely throughout the meridians of the body.  Qigong practitioners will be happy to know that they can receive the most energy during qigong exercises by listening to Master Wu's music at the same time.   This is because one is receiving Master Wu's energy through the music as well as energy from the universe by means of the qigong exercises.  Qigong exercises are extremely effective, easy to learn, and take only a few minutes to practice; all of which make qigong an excellent way to gain and to maintain excellent health.

         Whether you are in excellent health and wish to maintain it, or in poor health and wish to gain excellent health; you can benefit from the unique therapies created by Master Shen Wu.  He offers an introductory video tape which teaches the basic qigong exercises; his energy music on CD and cassette tape; classes free to the public in which he teaches qigong; special workshops; and energy therapy treatments in which patients receive energy in the same style that the ancient Emperors of China once enjoyed.

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