Letters from Medical Doctors:

Dr. Finkler  Gynecologic Oncology Cancer Specialist, Walt Disney Memorial Cancer Institute

Dr. Katta  Oncology & Hematology
Dr. Hank Yang MD PHD  Cedar Sinai Medical Center (Interview by TV Program "The WELL")

A success story of a Malignant Melanoma patient by a  Neurologist

(view the New Video Interview by TV Program "The WELL")

Mental Health Counselor Gini Cucuel M.S.
Dr. Clifford Wong, Ph.D. / Dr. Kenneth Wong, D.D.S. / Dr. Ellen Yee, M.D. Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia

 Cancer Pain Control Cases:

Brain Cancer Uterus Cancer Mouth Cancer
Lung Cancer Cancer pain control case # 1 Cancer pain control case # 2
Nasal Cancer



Tumor, Cancer Survivors:

Uterus Cancer case#1 Fibroid Tumor Pancreatic Tumor


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