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Master Shen Wu's patients enjoy the same treatment experience as the ancient Chinese Emperors and the ruling class.  In those days, the Emperors and the ruling class were considered too important to be touched, even by the healers.  The most powerful healers were sought for this duty, and they would transmit their healing Qi energy to the Emperor or nobleman without touching him.  Master Wu follows this same tradition and transmits his Qi energy to the patient without touching the patient.  @

The goal of the therapy is to remove negative Qi and any Qi blockages along the meridians as well as to transmit positive Qi; thus restoring the balance of Qi in the body as well as raising the patient's Qi energy level.  

Normally, Qi energy circulates throughout the meridians and this flow of energy allows the body to repair itself and maintain a state of health.  This is why having an abundance of Qi is associated with good health, vigor, and longevity.  

Negative Qi must be taken out of the body; otherwise it stays there, builds up, and causes an imbalance of Qi.  When there is an imbalance of Qi in the body (too much negative Qi) and it is allowed to persist, over a period of time it will eventually manifest itself in the physical body as a disease process.  After the negative Qi reaches a certain critical level, recovery is impossible; death is inevitable.  But when the negative Qi is removed, positive Qi is transmitted to the patient, and the natural flow of energy throughout the meridians is restored; the body will be able to heal itself once again and the disease process will gradually reverse itself.  The cure of diseases may seem miraculous to Western eyes.  But once one understands the relationship between Qi energy and disease, one can understand why this method has been in use to heal the few rich and powerful people lucky enough to know of this therapy for approximately 5000 years.


Yin and Yang

In order to understand music Qi Gong, it is necessary to understand two concepts of Chinese culture and medicine.  The principle of Yin and Yang and that there is a tangible physical body and an intangible energy body.  The physical body and the energy body are related with the principles of Yin and Yang. Yin and Yang are like the two sides of a coin. Neither is inherently better or worse than the other is.  Another example is the two poles of a magnet, positive and negative. The positive pole would be Yang and the negative pole Yin. No matter how long or short the magnet there are always two poles, the positive and the negative poles.  The poles are always in balance equal in strength. If one pole disappears then the other pole would also disappear.  A positive magnetic field cannot exist without a negative magnetic field and vice versa.  This is the way Yin and Yang works. One does not exist without the other. A change in Yin causes an equal balancing change in Yang. A change in Yang causes an equal balancing change in Yin. The concept is at the core of Chinese culture and Chinese medicine. Our tangible physical body includes all the physical aspects of our body. This includes our skin, muscles, bones, veins and arteries, internal organs, blood, electrolytes, all the chemicals and elements that make up our body.  Western medicine has made enormous progress in mapping and understanding the physical body. We can scan the body to see infinite details. We analyze the chemistry to see how the body operates chemically.  Amazing pharmacological breakthroughs and developments cure diseases and extend our life.  We have mapped the human genome.  Our knowledge of our physical body keeps growing without bounds. The other part of the relationship is our intangible energy body. The energy body has an anatomy consisting of Qi energy. The Qi energy body exists in totality but flows along, what in Chinese medicine, are called the meridians. The tangible physical body and intangible energy body have a Yin and Yang relationship.  Whatever effects the physical body is balanced by an equal change in the energy body.  If there is a change in the energy body then the physical body must also change to maintain the balance of Yin and Yang. If you can heal the physical body then the energy body also heals. If you can heal the energy body then the physical body must also heal to maintain the balance. Master Wu uses this law to heal the physical body. He effects the energy body and the physical body changes to maintain the balance. If there is cancer tumor, Master Wu removes the Qi energy of the tumor, without the Qi energy of the tumor; the physical tumor cannot exist. When we are injured there is a corresponding change in the Qi energy body. It may cause the Qi to be b locked or the Qi may be low.  The Qi energy will be changed in the area of the injury and may also change in other areas. Master Wu might treat the energy body injury by adding good Qi removing bad Qi energy, and unblocking the Qi pathways so the Qi flows freely.  The physical body must change to remain in balance. Because Master Wu uses Qi to heal and improve health, the physical injury begins to improve and heal. What we can measure is much faster and stronger healing.  The person returns to good health quicker and stronger.  The physical must balance the energy. Just as the positive magnetic pole cannot exist without the negative pole and a coin cannot have only one side.  The physical tumor cannot exist without the Qi energy tumor, physical injury cannot exist if the Qi is corrected..  In a healthy body the Qi flows freely without blocks.  There is plenty of good Qi energy.  If the Qi is low or there is a blockage in the flow of the Qi, then there will be a corresponding health problem in our physical body.  If the Qi flow is blocked, causing a physical problem, then when the Qi energy is allowed to flow freely the physical problem will also be corrected or improve.  The physical change will always follow the Yin and Yang principle and remain in balance.  VIDEO FILE CLICK HERE!

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