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l         Music of Life--the multi-academic monumental works, volume I and II, which illustrated the knowledge and wisdom of the sages over the course of Chinese history on exercising the healing power of music and arts to achieve the state of joy. These monumental works, contained more than six hundred thousand characters and 318 illustrative paintings, were published in New Jersey. Jintang Luo, Ph.D., a scholar in the Chinese language, had written one of the prefaces. Music of Life has been acquired by University of Hawaii at Manoa as well as many other education facilities as a valuable collection. The associate dean of John A. Burns School of Medicine, Rosanne C. Harrigan, Ph.D., M.D., commented that Professor Shen Wu¡¦s extensive efforts and contributions on the research had made Music of Life one of the best textbooks on naturopathy, biology, and other related academic fields. Yan Shen, Ph.D., M.D., an authority figure in the United States in the heart disease field, was in charge of the president¡¦s medical team for Taiwan. He gave his highest regards to Music of Life, ¡§Music of Life had illustrated the knowledge and wisdom of the sages on exercising the healing power of music to achieve the state of joy in the most profound and complete manner. Based upon his decryption and interpretation of the Chinese character ¡¥music¡¦ and the philosophy of ¡¥Music¡¦s Functions Parallel to the Medicine¡¦s,¡¦ the author was able to give a profound as well as practical elaboration on the relation between music, health preservation, and medicine.¡¨


l         China¡¦s Compassion¡Xa large scale World AIDS Day charity concert. On November 22, 2005, Shen Wu participated, as the Vice President of the American Overseas Chinese Alliance and Worldwide Chinese Alliance, in the largest Chinese charity event which was held by twelve different government organizations and departments. He encouraged many overseas Chinese and scholars in participating in the donation to the AIDS patients as well. Professor Shen Wu performed in the People¡¦s Congress Hall as the piano obbligato for the main program¡X¡§A Solemn Promise.¡¨ On December 1, 2005, China¡¦s Compassion was broadcasted by the China Central Television station on channels CCTV-1 and CCTV-3 as well as on other channels in all providences and overseas. Total there were over one hundred million viewers on this charity concert. The twelve government organizations and departments regarded Shen Wu highly and awarded him with a certificate of merit to thank him for the contributions to the AIDS patients and the charity concert.


l         Improving Birth Outcome and Child Development¡Xa conference held by the Chinese Ministry of Health. On December 7, 2005, Professor Shen Wu was invited to the third Improving Birth Outcome and Child Development conference which was held in the People¡¦s Congress Hall. During the conference, Shen Wu represented several overseas scholars and voiced the thesis and study on ¡§Music¡¦s Functions Parallel to the Medicine¡¦s.¡¨ Also, he was elected as one of the board members for Chinese Association for Improving Birth Outcome and Child Development.


l         Music of Life Charity Concert. On December 12, 2005, the Chinese Culture and Economic Association, Shanghai Cancer Recovery Club, and Taiwan Cancer Recovery Club held a charity concert at Pu Dong for Professor Shen Wu. There were many well-known musicians and vocalists who were invited to participate in the performance from California, Japan, Taiwan, and Malaysia. Through performing over ten musical instruments, Shen Wu had demonstrated the profound music and medicine culture of the ancient Chinese, and the audience responded enthusiastically to his exquisite performance. The sponsors from both sides awarded him with a certificate of merit for showing their appreciation to his worldwide contributions to the human health and care for the cancer patients. On December 13, Professor Shen Wu was selected to present the study, which he conducted with the Walt Disney Memorial Cancer Institute on cancer patients, in the Naturopathy and Cancer Recovery Academic Conference.


l         Invitation from the Prime Minister to the Chinese National Day Celebration. On October 1, 2005 Professor Shen Wu was elected to be the Vice President for the Worldwide Chinese Alliance due to his contribution, ¡§Music before Medicine,¡¨ to the medical field. At the same time, the Chinese Prime Minister, Jiabao Wen, invited him for the National Day Celebration of the 56th anniversary.


l         World Excellent Chinese Award. On October 1, 2004, the People¡¦s Congress Council deputy commissioner, Zhaofen Wan, presented Professor Shen Wu a medal and certificate of World Excellent Chinese Award for his contributions to the human health and medicine.


l         Splendid Life¡Xthe inside stories of Chinese celebrities in the U.S.A. Splendid Life was published by Shanghai Literature and Art Publishing House. This book included the stories of Elaine L. Chao--U.S. Secretary of Labor, Howard H. Lee¡XPresident of Waitex International Co., Henry C. Lee¡XDirector of the Connecticut State Police Forensic Science Laboratory, and Shen Wu¡XFounder of Music of Life. Splendid Life mentioned ¡§the researches of music therapy and the cooperative study with Dr. Finkler of Walt Disney Memorial Cancer Institute had controlled the pain and prolonged the lives of those who suffered from cancers. Professor Shen Wu had demonstrated the profound wisdom of the ancient Chinese culture to the world through modern science.


l         China¡¦s Talents¡Xa Beijing journal. The 17th issue reported Professor Shen Wu¡¦s concert, Music of Life, which was sponsored by Health Today, Inc., a Chinese journal published in New York.


l         Leadership in Diversity¡XAn award that presented to Professor Shen Wu for his researches on the theory ¡§Music Before Medicine¡¨ by the State of Florida, City of Orlando, Walt Disney World, and Asian American Heritage Council.


l         Letters from the White House¡Xduring the year 2001, President Clinton wrote Professor Shen Wu twice to appreciate and commend his contributions to the Americans as well as the humankind.



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